NEW Dalkeith Community Campus Fitness classes Membership COMING SOON

Dalkeith Fitness Class Membership

We are going to be starting up a new level to your membership which you can sign up for from the 14th December 2019.  This will include the capability for you to work on you fitness level while getting advise and expertise from our very own professional personal instructor Meghan Herkes.  She will encourage you to perform at your best and show you the proper techniques to safe and beneficial work outs.

Benefits to our classes

  • Book Unlimited number of classes per week
  • Lots of classes available to book
  • Operated by a Professional Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Receive Free advice on your health and fitness
  • Fun and Exciting exercise environment
  • Potential for 9hrs worth of classes a week
  • Under 60 pence per class
  • Different Focal Types of classes
    • High Intensity Interval Training
      • Higher Burn rate for calories than regular cardio
      • Continues to burn calories after work out is finished
      • Stimulate anti-aging hormones
      • Increase endurance
      • Helps suppress appetite
    • Core Training
      • Increased power to work harder at the gym
      • Enhanced body posture
      • Improved balance
      • Works the torso as a solid unit
    • Boot Camps
      • Increased Aerobic fitness
      • Enhanced physical strength
      • Improved Mental fitness
      • Boosts Overall Health
    • Circuit Training
      • Improved Cardiovascular Health
      • Muscular Endurance
      • Builds your strength
      • Increased body confidence
    • Legs, Bum & Tum Training
      • Full body aerobic & toning workout
      • Increases your stamina and endurance
      • Builds your strength
      • Increases your energy levels
      • Increases flexibility / mobility
      • A great workout for burning calories
      • An enjoyable exercise

How to Sign up

Signing up is a 3 Step Process

  • Speak to one of our Reception team
  • Complete an additional form
  • Start Booking in your classes

Build them into your membership for an additional £20 per Month  Initial upfront payment of 3 months

Existing members get an introductory offer of £20 off the initial 3 month payment if they sign up before 31st January 2020.  Member must be existing member before 1st December 2019


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