Health Suite

Our Health Suite consists of three components.  These components are Jacuzzi, Steam Room & Sauna.  The information below details how each of these pieces of our health suite work.

How do Saunas Work?

Saunas work by heating the body, causing the skin’s pores to open and release sweat at the same time blood vessels dilate near the skin’s surface. This boosts circulation to the skin, which helps cool the body as heat is transferred to evaporating sweat. The heart accelerates to around 120-150 beats per minute in order to keep up with the increased circulation and maximize the transfer of heat outside the body. Core body temperature will increase slightly, but your body works to keep this change within a healthy range. The combination of heat, increased circulation and accelerated heart rate helps the body release endorphins, which induces a relaxed, tranquil feeling and can reduce muscle and joint pain.

How do Steam Rooms work?

The steam room helps to open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion. The wet heat from the steam room thins and opens the mucous membranes in the body, which helps to relieve pressure. This is highly beneficial for those that suffer from asthma and bronchitis, as it helps with sinus relief.

The steam room also increases metabolism and can aid with weight loss. The steam room causes you to sweat, which means that your body is losing water. As water makes up a large part of your body weight, the emission of the sweat will cause you to lose a few pounds. The sweat also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body.


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