We have 3 Pools that can be used.   We have our main 6 swimming lane pool which is 25M long and is kept at a steady 28 degrees Celsius perfect for swimming lengths.  Have many teaching schools that use this pool as it is ideal for professional swimming.  We have a training pool which is ideal for little tots learning to swim or just to have fun and splash around with the family.  The training pool is ideal for little ones as it is kept at a very nice 32 degrees Celsius, allowing little ones to stay in for longer.

Dalkeith Schools Community Campus Timetable

For the time being this time table isn’t relevant.  we will go back to this timetable once COVID is a distant memory.

Our hydro pool is ideal for little mini private training sessions or exercises designed to aid recovery.  This is kept at a very nice temperature of 35 degrees Celsius.  Please contact to book

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